Amethyst spiral rope

spiral stitch necklace with gemstone chips

Or should I call it ‘the never-ending spiral’?

I just love how it turned out but the process of beadweaving seems to take forever! It’s literally one bead forward five beads back. One stitch adds only one seed bead worth of the necklace lenght. Just consider the fact that 3 meters of thread make only 21-22 cm of the chain!

Don’t know how long it took me to finish the lenght of the neclace, but I’ve been working on it on and off for the whole weekend :)

How it’s made


  • Seed beads mix (‘bead soup’) for the spiral outside (I’m using two shades of transparent amethyst, opaque lilac and color lined seed beads)
  • Seed beads for the spiral core (I’m using black)
  • Gemstone chips (amethyst and smoke quartz)
  • 6 meters of Fireline or your favorite beading thread (I’m using 0.1mm ‘Smoke’ Fireline)

All my seed beads are size  10/0 – 11/0 (Czech Rocailles by ‘Preciosa’)

String a stopper bead leaving about 20-30cm tail (to add a few finishing beads and a clasp)
Pick 5 core beads (black) and 5 beads that will lay on the outside of the spiral:

pass the needle up through the core beads

string one core bead +5 outside beads

pass the needle up through the last 4 core beads and the newly added 1 core bead

Repeat: string one core bead +5 outside beads and pass the needle up through the last 4 core beads and the 1 core bead just added

Continuing like this you’ll make a simple spiral rope, but we want to add those chips, right? I like to leave the ends next to the clasp simple and easier to grasp, so I first add 7-8 plain rows of just seed beads.

.. and then start adding chips as follows: 1 core bead, 2 outside color beads, 1 gemstone chip, 2 beads

… then one simple row: 1 core bead + 5 outside beads

.. then another chip – 1 core bead, 2 outside color seed beads, 1 gemstone chip, 2 seed beads

Continue weaving until you reach the desired length of the chain (and end it with the same number of simple rows as in the beginning).

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  • wow, kaip gražu!

    June 20, 2011
    • Dia

      Ačiū :) Dar liko sumąstyti užsegimą šitam vėriniui ir galima bus matuotis.

      June 20, 2011

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